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Manufacturing Insurance

Whatever you make - we'll take care of it. 


Digney Grant offers the full range of insurance for manufacturing companies and works with all sorts of companies, from family-run agri-food brands to multinational heavy machinery factories - and everything in between. 

We have a specialist in-house manufacturing insurance team who have arranged cover for some of Northern Ireland’s best-known brands and most successful manufacturers. 

Digney Grant will source the right mix of insurance products from our exclusive panel of insurers and combine these with our expert advice, risk management consultancy and claims handling support to create a bespoke insurance and risk package for your manufacturing business. 

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What is manufacturing insurance?

Manufacturing Insurance refers to a diverse range of insurance solutions designed for companies involved in the manufacture of products. 

Typically a package of manufacturer’s insurance will involve some combination of the following types of coverage:

  • Employer’s liability
  • Product liability
  • Property Insurance
  • Plant and machinery insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Commercial vehicles insurance

Who needs manufacturing insurance?

All levels of manufacturer will require some form of insurance from small crafters to large-scale heavy equipment factories. 

Anybody involved in creating a product is open to being claimed against if their product causes harm, loss or injury. 

What does manufacturing insurance cover? 

As an employer, you must have employer’s liability insurance to cover the risk which may arise from injury in the workplace. There are very few employers in the UK who are exempt from this legal requirement. 

As a business making a product, you remain liable for loss, harm or damage caused by that product if it contains faulty components, has production flaws that render it not fit for use or dangerous or if your product is not properly labelled to reduce consumer risk. 

As a manufacturer, your business will also be open to many additional risks that can be covered under a package of manufacturer’s insurance. These might include:

  • Product recalls
  • Intellectual property disputes such as trademark or copyright breaches
  • Data breaches and cyber-risks
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Employment practices liability

Why choose Digney Grant for construction industry insurance? 

Your Local Insurance Expert

Digney Grant has over 40 years of experience in the construction trade locally and internationally. We understand the complexity of cross-border trade and employment and have developed a range of specialist insurance products and services to cover any sort of construction sector risk in the UK, Ireland or further afield.

Local Knowledge - National Buying Power

We’re Newry natives and while we operate as an independent company, we are also part of ABL Group - NI’s largest commercial insurance broker and risk management advisory. 

As a group, we are proud to call some of the country’s best-known construction companies and most respected institutions our clients and partners. 

We are the exclusive insurance partner to organisations such as The Chartered Institute of Building and the Construction Employers Federation NI. 

Digney Grant is also a part of Brown & Brown, Inc., a leading global insurance broking group, giving us access to a range of insurance products unavailable to many of our local competitors and the national buying power to deliver incredible savings for our clients. 

People First

Our local insurance experts are part of your community - we live locally, buy from businesses just like yours, know the same people and love the places we all call home. 

We know this place and its people and what it’s like to live and do business here. 

We understand that every Northern Ireland business is unique and your dedicated account handler will work hard to fully understand your needs before sourcing an insurance and risk solution that is customised to you. 

An integrated solution

Digney Grant offers a fully joined-up service. 

Our in-house risk management team can analyse your business and identify risks to help you protect your people, reduce your claims and potentially bring down the cost of your insurance. 

Our local insurance brokers consult with a range of specialist construction insurance companies to create the right package for you and, if the worst happens, our dedicated claims-handling service stands by to assist you and help protect the future of your business.  

Whatever you’re making, we’ll take care of it. 


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