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Professional Indemnity Services for Northern Ireland Businesses

What is Professional Indemnity?

The need for professional indemnity (PI) cover has grown over the past several decades as more people enter professional service-based occupations. While PI insurance still covers ‘traditional’ professionals, such as doctors, solicitors, accountants and architects, a new market of professionals now need to consider PI cover. Whether a traditional or new professional, you can protect yourself, your business and your reputation by investing in professional indemnity cover.

Examples of consultants requiring Professional Indemnity include:

  • Design & Construct Specialists- e.g. Architects, Chartered Surveyors, Engineers, Builders, Mechanical & Electrical, interior designers, plumbers, electricians and gas fitters
  • Business consultants- e.g. Management & Business Consultants, Marketing consultants, Accountants, Tax and Legal Advisors, HR Advisors, Training Consultants, Private Tutors and Fitness Professionals
  • IT Consultants- e.g. IT professionals including IT contractors, consultants, programmers and developers, web designers, graphic designers
  • Recruitments Consultants- e.g. Recruitment agencies and recruitment consultants

The Benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance from Digney Grant

What does Professional Indemnity Protect Against?

PI insurance safeguards against catastrophic losses in the event of a legal action due to a negligent act, error or omission by the professional. In addition to claims of error, omission or negligence, PI insurance may also protect against slander, libel and breach of contract.

Who Needs Professional Indemnity Cover in Newry?

PI cover is appropriate cover for anyone who gives advice, makes educated recommendations, designs solutions, or represents the needs of others.

Why choose Professional Indemnity?

The main reasons professionals seek out PI insurance include the following:

  • It is legally required for their profession (Solicitors Act 1974).
  • It is a regulatory requirement. Many professional organisations, such as the Architects Registration Board, require their members to have PI insurance before they can practise.
  • It is contractually required by the customer.
  • It provides extra protection against potential legal costs and expenses.

Professional Indemnity Services Provided by Digney Grant

At Digney Grant, we appreciate every business is different. That is why we tailor professional indemnity policies to each client’s specific needs; endeavouring to obtain the best terms at competitive prices, for the widest coverage. Key features of our services include:

  • Cover for any wrongful advice given to clients; legal fees and compensation
  • Flexible payment options including flexible payment dates and plan options
  • Tailored policies to suit a wide range of requirements
  • Quick & reliable responses to any queries
  • As one of Northern Ireland’s leading business insurance brokers, you will have access to a dedicated client manager as well as the backing behind you of our established network

Can We Help?

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