Hospitality Insights: Download this FREE Employee Safety Manual

Protecting your employees starts with knowing your risk and reassuring them that you as a business owner have completed your due diligence when it comes to health and safety in the workplace. 

Your business is THEIR workplace and your employees have the right to be protected in the place they spend a significant portion of their daily lives. 

A foundational step in protecting your employees is to ensure they receive adequate training in health and safety as it relates to their work and that they understand what is expected of them if an incident occurs on your premises.

Creating your own Employee Safety Manual is therefore a great early step in this process and ensures your employees know what measures have been taken to protect them and what their role is in maintaining standards and improving safety and wellbeing for themselves, their colleagues and your customers. 

To help, our Hospitality Insurance experts have compiled a detailed sample Employee Safety Manual which you can download free of charge and customise to your own business. This template document suggests a structure and wording for this sort of document and can be used as a guide to creating a working document for your business. 

This is not a complete document and before sharing this with your employees you should review, customise and have this approved by whoever has final liability for the safety of your people and your customers. 


Download your free sample Employee Safety Manual

A customisable Employee Safety Manual for employees in the hotel and hospitality industry featuring safety policies and procedures that support a safety-conscious work environment.