Open for Business - Newry Bounces Back

Following months of renovations due to last year’s devastating floods, we recently celebrated the complete reopening of our Newry city centre headquarters.

This reopening signifies a return to full operational capacity for us and represents a step forward for the local business community as it continues to recover from last year’s catastrophic events.

Recovery and Re-Opening

“November’s floods were devastating for us and so many of the small businesses we call our neighbours and friends,” said Anthony Boden, MD of Digney Grant. “It was heartbreaking to see our ground floor under several feet of water - especially as we had only recently completed a makeover! The scenes we saw during the floods and their aftermath were extraordinary.”

The flood water extensively damaged our ground floor meaning our team had to work remotely for a while until the flood waters receded and the building could be made safe. 

“We are grateful to the Newry business community, which did not hesitate to offer support when the very worst happened,” added Anthony. “Local businesses even offered their own premises as a temporary base for us in the immediate aftermath of the floods, and we’ll never forget that sense of solidarity and friendship.”

Once it was safe to do so, we were able to work from the first floor of our building but unfortunately that meant we couldn’t welcome our personal lines and commercial insurance clients into our offices - something which is fundamental to how we do business. 

With the reopening of the Sugar Island offices, both personal lines and commercial insurance clients are welcome to call in for a face-to-face chat about all their insurance needs. 

young man working at office with photo of cheetah in background

newly refurbished office space


Creating A Buzz

To mark this important milestone, we teamed up with Newry Business Improvement District to host an event that brought a bit of colour and fun to the city centre. A roadshow with the Q Radio team broadcasted live from outside the Digney Grant building, which saw the brightly coloured Q-Man handing out merch in the streets and creating a great buzz in the city centre! 

q man from q radio with the digney grant team

Community Support

“The journey to reopening our office was made smoother thanks to the support from Newry BID and Newry Chamber,” added Anthony. ”We witnessed firsthand the valuable work of both organisations in fostering this incredible community and in lobbying on behalf of local businesses after the floods. We were proud to welcome Newry BID representatives and Newry Chamber President Edwina Flynn and CEO Michael Savage to last week’s event.”

digney grant welcomes newry chamber ceo to newly reopened offices

Looking ahead, Digney Grant Insurance is committed to supporting the Newry business community with its comprehensive insurance and risk management services. 

The past months' challenges have reinforced the importance of community and resilience to every member of the Digney Grant team, and they have come back optimistic about the future and Newry’s potential.

A Continued Promise

Reflecting on this milestone, Anthony Boden, Managing Director of Digney Grant Insurance, added: “Reopening our office is a significant step not only for our team but for the entire Newry business community. Seeing footfall growing again in the city centre is a powerful symbol of a resurgent business community and a testament to our city’s resilience.”

the team at digney grant celebrate their reopening to the public


“As we look to the future, our focus remains on delivering exceptional service and support to our clients.”