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Protecting You Against Password Cracking


Password cracking is one of the most common ways that cyber-criminals gain access to sensitive company information. That’s why ensuring your organisation takes appropriate steps to bolster password protection techniques is crucial in preventing a cyber-attack.

Have a look at these top password-cracking methods, according to technology experts:

Dictionary attack—This technique allows the hacker to quickly test simple one-word phrases to crack the user’s password. Examples include ‘password’, ‘administrator’ or ‘computer’.
Phishing—Cyber-criminals can utilise email phishing to crack passwords by using a fake identity or website to trick the victim into providing their password. For example, the hacker could impersonate the victim’s bank provider and send an email requiring them to login to a fraudulent portal to manage their account information.
Malware—This form of attack occurs when the hacker uses malware to record the victim’s screen without their knowledge and screenshot their password.
Spidering—This method entails the cyber-criminal studying information about your organisation and attempting to crack users’ passwords with words or phrases connected to the company. Hackers might use your organisation’s website, marketing materials or competitor information to compile potential passwords.

With these password-cracking tactics in mind, consider the following action items to strengthen your organisation’s passwords:

• Establish password complexity requirements for all employees. This includes making passwords longer than eight characters, using upper- and lower-case letters, and including numbers or special characters.

• Restrict employees from using personal or company information in their passwords.

• Instruct employees to never share their password online.

• Have employees routinely update their passwords.

• Install anti-malware protection on all devices.

More than ever, you need robust cyber-insurance to protect against these evolving threats. For more information and cover solutions, contact Digney Grant today.

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