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Inflation and insurance premiums

This article looks at the links between price increases in raw materials, labour scarcity and other factors impacting a hardening insurance market

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Landlord Insurance

Whether you're renting out your former home, a buy to let property or have a portfolio of rental properties having proper Landlord insurance is hugely important for landlords in Northern Ireland, protecting you from losses such as property damage, tenant liability, loss of rent, and legal fees

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Risky Business? The increasing risk of being a Director in 2023

The trend for the senior leadership of an organisation to be held personally accountable for serious failings in an organisation is increasing, with 2022 seeing several notable cases.

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Insurance Market Overview 2023

Why is the insurance market hardening in 2023?

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Manufacturing Insights: Reduce Meatpacking Injuries and Contamination

This article discusses the balance between production line speed versus productivity and health and safety in modern meatpacking plants

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